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This folder contains several historical articles related to the entity Seneffe over the centuries

In the folder "Local Life" will find various articles about the daily life over the years ...

The file "Battles" contains the account of many episodes warriors whose territory was the scene ...

The file "Arquennes" offers in-depth articles about the origins of this ancient town has merged, the historic events that took place, its etymology, its architecture ...

In the folder "Feluy" it is above all a question of the origins of the Church of St. Aldegonde.

The file "Seneffe" offers articles about the origins and history of the town, its etymology, its architecture ...

The folder "Familleureux" offers a summary of the highlights local, the Middle Ages to the 19th century.

A final issue deals with "Little-lez-Nivelles Roeulx" and especially its feudal history


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