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Jules Bailly


Jules Maximilien Joseph Bailly was born on December 13, 1832 in Seneffe and died in Paris in 1896.

Among his works, we will cite:

·         Les trois Napoléons, a poem

·         Epanchements, poetry (1853)

Un mariage en 1886, one-act drama in verse (1875).  The cover of its booklet is reproduced below.  
  • Au jardin d’acclimatation (1877)
  • La lyre céleste (1877)
  • Poésies (1877)
  • De Bruxelles à Tervuren, new poem (1878)
  • Les heures du soleil (1880)

He also contributed to a large number of newspapers and journals.

He also maintained a correspondence with Alphonse de Lamartine.

His name was given to the road that joins l’Avenue Reine Astrid and la Rue de Buisseret in Seneffe


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