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Omer Lion


The municipal council of Arquennes, on July 10, 1930, decreed that certain roads in the locality would be renamed.  This was notably the case of the Rue du Bourgmestre, which became Rue François Deladrière, coming from the name of the former mayor of the municipality, deceased on April 15, 1928.

As for the Rue du Cimetière, it became Rue Omer Lion in honor of the man who, born on this street, distinguished himself during his short life.

Omer Lion was born on April 15, 1861 in Arquennes.  He attended the local primary school, and later l’Académie de Nivelles in architecture and sculpture.  He began his military service in June 1882 in the third artillery regiment and finished it in July 1886 as a sergeant.

Afterwards, he chose to pursue his career in the Congo and solicited employment as an administrative agent in the Congo Free State.

On November 28, 1886, he boarded the ship “Vlaanderen” and occupied his post at Boma.

In the beginning of the year 1887, he was transferred to Banana to a position as an accountant.  In March 1888, Lion was called back to Boma.  On February 26, 1889, a he was stricken by an apoplectic fit.

He died in the flower of age (28 years old), as did so many others who contributed to the grandeur of the Congo.  This is what a letter from the “Souvenir Congolais” of 1930 commemorates.  It is therefore fitting to honor his memory.

This is what was done.

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