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Local life


The file "Local Life" contains items with personalities of the town and tracing of events, large and small, occurred in the entity.

* "Journey of the cock": the tribulations of the attribute of the church Seneffe
* "Weather 1693": climatic disturbances are nothing new today, as shown by this incident ...
* "Omer Lion: The Fate of a ARQUENNES who participated in the colonization of Congo.
* Jules Bailly, a local poet "evocation of the 19th century poet whose seneffoise a street still bears the name.
* "Francis Aveaux musician forgot" evocation of the composer of the early 20th century, originating Familleureux.
* "PJ Parmentier" journey of a sculptor who enjoyed the glory feluysien in Ghent.
* Victor Rousseau ": life and work of renowned sculptor, originally Feluy.
* Fernand Bona ": life and work of a seneffois deserving.
* "Death Penalty" to the Napoleonic era, the inhabitants of the region were guillotined for crimes.
* "Louis-Joseph Valens": the path of a Ranger Count Lalang, former soldier in the Napoleonic armies, which left interesting notebooks.
* "The pillory Feluy" from the pillory, which is located in the courtyard Feluy, the evocation of a medieval custom which continued even after the French Revolution.


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