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Tourism Office

Place Penne d'Agenais 13
7180 - Seneffe
Marcel-Pierre Hicter (Appointed Administrator)
Laurence Lebeau (Assistant)
Eve Girard (Assistant)
Catherine Roland (Assistant)
064/52 17 89
064/52 17 51

Monday - Friday
from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Saturdays 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Sundays 11:00am – 5:00 pm
(April – October)
Closed Tuesday afternoons

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Made of water, stone, and earth, the rolling rural landscape testifies to the genius, courage, and ingenuity of Man over time. Here, the presence of the drainage divide between the Scheldt and Meuse basins was decisive. It was strategic not only in the occasion of several cruel battles, but above all for the engineers, owing to the demands of the most brazen audacity in crossing technology: boat tunnels, draw-bridges, lift bridges, swing bridges, footbridges, and locks.

Seneffe also represents the geographic center of the most famous river engineering structures: the hydraulic boat-lifts of the Historic Canal du Centre (UNESCO World Heritage Site), the inclined plane of Ronquières and the massive funicular boat-lift of Strépy-Thieu.

From this industrial past, Seneffe has inherited a wasteland. A bit of old canal, around fifteen locks rendered obsolete by the launching of the Ronquières. For decades, time seemed to have stopped. First came sadness, shortly afterwards replaced by melancholy. However, with time, the legend became more and more beautiful, and surprisingly, little by little, this legend has turned into Poetry! In this new millennium, this poetry hasn’t lost its relevance. Of course, while the leaders’ job is to make it accessible to the public, it is your job as the public to come and to open your eyes.


Within the confines of Walloon Brabant, the land of Charleroi, and the central region, Seneffe (Arquennes, Familleureux, Feluy, Petit-Roeulx and Seneffe) is also known for its eight castles. The most visited of these castles represents one of Hainaut’s major tourist centers: the Silver Museum of the French-speaking Community in the lovely estates of the Château de Seneffe.

The opening of the Feluy refinery might have turned the public away from these places. Instead, the refinery’s presence has done more than bring a relative material affluence to public administration. Above all, it has allowed for the expansion of an area-wide development policy, an old urban center renovated in one place, highly modern public infrastructures constructed in another. Seneffe, so sophisticated…

Of course, there’s nothing out of the ordinary here, but when so many little visual moments of pleasure jump to the eyes during a quiet stroll, you can undoubtedly taste the quality of life.

Come and have a taste, and come back again for more.

As for us, we will always be here to welcome you, to inform you, to guide you. At the heart of Seneffe, at La place de Penne d’Agenais (our sister village).



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