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Chapels of the Area

Our Lady of Good Help Chapel

CThis chapel is simultaneously one of the most beautiful monuments of the area and one of the least known.

Although it bears the year 1648, it has existed for a longer time and was expanded in 1642.  It was partially ravaged during the wars of Louis XIV, around 1693 and 1698, and then expanded another time in 1717.

Restored in 1925 and registered as a historical site on June 14, 1944, it today appears in good condition and is sometimes used for religious ceremonies. 

Our Lady of Good Counsel Chapel

It is presumed that a chapelle castrale once stood at the same site as early as the 12th or 13th century.  In 1632, Godefroid de Berghes decided to rebuild the old sanctuary, which was given a Renaissance-style façade and took the shape of a rectangular nave ending in a three-sided apse.


At the end of the apse, the monumental Baroque-style altar, bearing the year 1672 and the coat of arms of the Princes of Berghes, extends up to the arch.

A miraculous statue, carved from a single block of oak, represents a Virgin with Child  seated on a chair, holding Jesus with her right hand and with her left hand, showing him a bunch of grapes, one of which he breaks off.  Restored in 1876, it currently holds a place of pride in a niche made from polished granite.

A three-story square tower is added to the chapel, joined to the apse.

PSeveral miracles have been reported following the invocation of Our Lady of Good Counsel.

In November 1629, Jerome Meurée (17 years old) was cured of his hip disability after saying a novena.  In the following century, 2 blind people recuperated their sight.

In the chapel, numerous votive offerings of thanks have been left by pilgrims.

 The feast day of Our Lady of Good Counsel usually takes place on April 26.  It commemorates her miraculous transportation on April 26, 1467, the day in which, honored at Scutari in Albania, she is said to have miraculously transported herself to Genezzano in Italy.  In Arquennes, however, she is honored on September 8.

 The chapel, now desecrated, has been acquired by the municipality of Seneffe.

Our lady of the Way Chapel

CThis chapel is found along the National 27, Chaussée de la Motte Baraffe.  It is a simple niche enclosed in red brick masonry work.  A small statue of the Virgin stands there; on the other side of the door, there is a small lamppost
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