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Nature and Canals

Seneffe possesses a true treasure of natural riches and it is essential to walk in its countryside and along its old canal to discover its scope and beauty.

This list of walking tours will guide you in your discoveries.
Here, in a few words, a glimpse of the municipality’s strong points.

It is possible, starting from the Toursim Office (Water Center – Seneffe) to take the towpath directly to go down the “Old canal,” what the people of the region affectionately call the disused canal from Charleroi to Brussels, which forms the missing link between the historic Canal du Centre and its lifts and the site of the Inclined Plane of Ronquières, on the currently working canal. It’s a marvel of stillness and preserved nature. But if you do not have a bike or a lot of time to walk, it is better to catch up with the canal at Arquennes or at Feluy, a few kilometers from Seneffe.

Several châteaux enrich the local cultural heritage which, at each corner of each street or side street (the villages are divided into squares), reminds us that before us stretches the Country of stone, local materials (limestone, cobblestone, cut stone) having conquered the whole region. The Château de Feluy (inhabited) will not leave anyone unmoved, at the center of a village where it will do you good to get lost in the shadowed back streets that allow you to discover high-quality surroundings. A stop is called for at the Lime Tree of l’Espinette, a tree planted in 1762 and registered as a historical site since 1944! From there, another walk leads to the Château de Miremont. Finally, towards Arquennes, alongside the “Old Canal,” the opposite towpath passes close to the magnificent Château de la Rocq, certain buildings of which date back to the 14th century (also private).

This route around the châteaux spurs us to continue on the walkway, following the current of the canal or sinking into the countryside, from grove to grove, towards the farms and the hamlets. The “Old Canal” can only be crossed on foot or by bike. It is also possible to fish there. Seneffe, however, should not be condensed to its Feluy-Arquennes line, and you must not forget Petit-Roeulx and Familleureux. These two villages are very pleasant to visit, particularly by bicycle, a mode of transport that allows us to lose ourselves in the little country routes and to go from one village to another while making the most of the natural environment.


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