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The Marina


This junction of the canal was called the “Mariemont shore” or also the “Bellecourt shore”.

A canal junction allowed boats to dock in the piers of Mariemont and Bascoup coal mines in order to supply themselves with coal. Around 12,000 tons of coal were loaded each day. This shore was inaugurated in 1844 by King Leopold I.

On one of the three piers, the loading was done by hand; on the other two, it was done with the help of an enormous mobile steam crane. A railroad line was also established in 1844 by the colliery society of Mariemont.


After the complete stop of coal mining, the junction was abandoned.

In 1969, the “La Marlette” ADEPS (Administration of Physical Education, Sports, and Outdoor Living) center was constructed on these grounds, at the junction of the Brussels-Charleroi canal, in order to give the site an active life once more. Today, this center can host 120 trainees on its premises to practice rowing, sailing and kayaking.

Each year, the ADEPS center welcomes a large number of young people and the young at heart, passionate about water and ground sports. However, the Bellecourt junction had also become a boat cemetery.


In 2001, the ministers in charge of tourism and public works approved the revalorization of under-utilized tourism sites.

In this way, the site of La Marlette in Seneffe, at the junction with the Bellecourt shore, benefited from investments from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, the General Direction of Hydraulic Channels, the General Commissariat of Tourism and of the municipality of Seneffe, in order to create a recreational marina. After over 2 years of construction and waiting, the port and the port authority were inaugurated in April 2008. The port authority, constructed in wood, consists of three sections: the first for reception and registration of pleasure boaters, the second as a resting area and the third for sanitary needs.

The marina is equipped with electricity terminals and drinking water that pleasure boaters can operate thanks to a computerized key-card. The canal shores of the Bellecourt junction have been cleaned, reinforced, and equipped with lampposts.

Thanks to this recreational marina, Seneffe hopes to re-energize its tourism industry and attract a greater number of pleasure boaters.


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